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GPS Recorder

GPS RecorderGPS Recorder
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A GPS Recorder or Vehicle Footstep Tracking System is a GPS Tracking System that can tell you where your employee, spouse, or friend drove to. Do you want to see how long they stopped in a house, building, or town for? To see where a vehicle has traveled, the GPS Travel History Recording System will pinpoint locations traveled on a PC laptop or desktop.


How it works:  You place the GPS Recorder in a vehicle. The vehicle travels, and when you are ready to see where the vehicle has visited, you retrieve the GPS Recorder. Then, stored GPS logs can be transferred to your computer, allowing routes of travel and stopping times to be displayed on a digital map. Once the data has been transferred, you can see GPS travel history on your computer.




The GPS Recorder stores activity on 4 MegaBytes of flash memory. This can gather weeks to months of travel history. You can set the GPS Recorder to store geographic location details through 5 second intervals, 1 minute intervals, or even 15 minute intervals.



The GPS Travel History Recording System can operate anywhere on the planet. It uses current GPS mapping technologies from Google Earth™, so the actual location can view on digitized satellite maps and 3D geographical images.


The GPS Recorder can be covertly installed and placed on anything that moves such as a car, truck, or bus. Additional data collected by the GPS Recorder include the exact route, standing durations, speed, direction, and other valuable information. It can even monitor and store the temperature of the areas it operates under.


There are no monthly fees with the GPS Recorder which makes it a good choice for those who are new to GPS Tracking and want an inexpensive yet powerful system.


Note: The GPS Recorder interprets the data and calculates positioning based on travel in congruence to GPS visibility in sky. GPS visibility may be blocked between tall buildings, or by land features. The GPS recorder is equipped with custom report capability - The report generator provides information on mileage, location and time of starts and stops, and vehicle specific data required for commercial carriers who are regulated by the government (PUC).




Dimensions:   4 1/2” X 1 1/4” X 3/4”
Accuracy:   up to 2.5 meters
Connection: Integrated USB 2.0
Casing:  Weatherproof case, detachable magnetic mount, & belt clip
Map overlay: Google Earth™ for global use


Memory Capacity: 4Mb flash memory records months of location histories.
Battery life: 4 weeks on average using the vibration activation feature
Temperature Logging: -10°C / +14°F to +60°C/140°F +/- 1°C
Power:  2 AAA batteries to power the GPS Tracker
Computer Requirements:  Windows™ environment with USB1.1/2.0 port

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Q:   How long can the GPS Tracking Recorder operate for?

A:   The GPS Recorder can store GPS travel history for over a month.


Q:   How does it turn on and off?

A:   A seismic vibration sensor triggers the GPS Recorder to activate when movement is detected, eliminating stationary battery usage during non-activity.


Q: Why would someone want a GPS Recorder and not a real time GPS Tracking System?

A: Despite the savings in the price you pay for a GPS Recorder, the benefit is of using this device is that it lets you follow where someone has traveled to. However, the benefit for using a real time GPS Tracking system is that you can follow where someone is traveling while they are traveling, and you do not have to wait until they return so that you can retrieve any hardware such as this GPS Recorder. In order for you to use the GPS Recorder, you need access to the vehicle in order to review the locations traveled.


Q:    Where is the best place to put a GPS Recorder?

A:    Anywhere the GPS Recorder can face the line of sight with the sky. The satellite data with mapping information is best obtained when there is a clear line of sight to GPS orbiting satellites. Most of Spyzone clients who wish to be discreet choose to place the GPS Recording device under plastic bumpers of cars, in a plastic first aid kit in the back seat, in a back seat organizer (works great if there is a sunroof above), in a tissue box in the back of a car, should be enough to obtain a signal for GPS tracking purposes.


Q:   What if the GPS Recording Device is not able to get a clear location signal?

A:   GPS Tracking requires deployment and monitoring practice. That means that before you conduct a live tracking operation, you need to practice a few test runs in order to become well acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of Earth Orbit Satellites and the tracking data involved.


Q:   What if I cannot put my GPS Recorder inside the bumper? Are there any other ways to discretely place the GPS Tracking Recorder in or on a car?

A:   SpyZone clients have reported back to us that they have successes putting their GPS Recorder Device in clothing by the back seat of their cars, in backpacks on the back seat and front seat of their cars, in glove compartments, under car seats (works some of the time), and many other creative places.

GPS Tracking Devices from SpyZone work best when they have a view to the sky. This means that any window such as the front or rear, or even a sunroof, are all good locations for prime GPS signal acquisition. We tell people who want discreet GPS Tracking there may be some limitations in performance when hiding their GPS Trackers. They are able to operate very well when no metal is blocking their line of site to the sky, which is why placing GPS Trackers under fabrics and plastics are often used when discretion is required.

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