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VHF Antenna 6" 136 - 175 MHz

VHF Antenna 6" 136 - 175 MHz

VHF Antenna 6" 136 - 175 MHz
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VHF Antenna Frequency Range & Size
136 - 175 MHz, 6" Tall
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Scrambled Radio or VHF Radio in the programmable radio series are Spyzone's radio communications solution with a programmable keypad, radio encryption, and portable radios features for secure communication to those that need it most.



Q:  Do I need to purchase an antenna with my radio from SpyZone?

A:  No, all Radios from SpyZone come with an antenna.


Q:  If all Radios come with an antenna, then why offer antennas as an accessory?

A:  There are 3 reasons -

  1. Some antennas operate on higher and / or lower frequencies, increasing the transmission and reception abilities of your Radio Communications.  
  2. Some antennas are smaller for compact applications, others are taller for increasing the range of Radio Communications. 
  3. People lose them, plain and simple, and need replacements, so it makes good sense to offer antennas as an accessory.

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