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Ear Spy Wireless, Digital Sound & Filtering & High Signal System w/ Microphone Switch

Ear Spy Wireless, Digital Sound & Filtering & High Signal System w/ Microphone Switch

Ear Spy Wireless, Digital Sound & Filtering & High Signal System w/ Microphone Switch
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The Digital Wireless Earphones or Digital Ear Spy is a wireless surveillance earphone equipped with automatic gain control volume adjustment that fits comfortably in your ear. 

The Digital Ear Spy receives radio signals from a wireless induction coil, located 5 - 12 inches away, and connects to your portable radio walkie talkie. The induction coil can be easily hidden beneath your clothing and is matched to your radio communications system found here at www.spyzone.com . When your portable radio receives an incoming transmission, the wireless induction coil then re-broadcasts that transmission to the digital wireless earphone in your ear.

Inside this surveillance earphone is a receiver that converts those radio communications signals into crystal clear sound that cannot be overheard by others. The Digital Ear Spy functions with an extraordinary low level of white noise and the highest signal to noise correlation available. Because of its Automatic Gain Control, any sporadic noises encountered are filtered for a clear and consistent signal. 
A supplied condenser microphone with a PTT switch (push to talk) is included so you may communicate covertly. This surveillance microphone interfaces with the induction coil and portable radio, enabling quick response when you speak, and when you release to listen to radio communications. This microphone and activator PTT button can be wired on your person, placed by your wrist by laying the wiring through your shirt and up your sleeve, enabling discreet speech over the air.

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Q:  How long can digital wireless earphones operate for?

A:  The Ear Spy batteries can power the wireless surveillance earphone for an estimated 40 - 45 hours of operating time.


Q:  How does this digital wireless earphone differ from the standard Ear Spy version?

A:  This Digital surveillance earphone sports an audio gain control that digitally filters audio signals and excludes any white noise and loud signal popping noises encountered, giving you a higher quality level of sound. This sound quality is unprecedented, geared for the professional who needs to have extra clarity when employing a listening device to monitor communications and respond to normal or emergency situations. 


Q:  What kind of batteries are used, where can they be purchased, and how long do they last?

A:  The Digital Ear Spy wireless earphone comes with Zinc Air Batteries that can be purchased in most drug stores and are activated by pulling the tab on the end of the battery to expose it to air. Therefore, they have a very long shelf life until they are removed from their packaging and placed in the listening device.


Q:  Does the Digital Ear Spy work with any radio?

A:  Each digital wireless earphone is bench-tested to work with specific radios found here at www.spyzone.com , and furthermore, each digital wireless earphone has its own adapter, so the answer is no, they only work with our radios.




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