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Ear Spy Hardwired

Ear Spy Hardwired

Ear Spy HardwiredEar Spy Hardwired
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The Ear Spy Ear Speak system is a hard wired listening device accessory for radio communications users. The system is composed of a Wired Ear Phone and a Wired Microphone. 

Wired Ear Phone: A surveillance earphone is integrated with an acoustic tube or curly cord, exactly like those used by secret service agents. This listening device then receives signals from the scrambled radio. It connects to a supplied hard wire and low profile microphone, then plugs into your portable radio. Covert monitoring and covert conversations may take place where discretion is required. The acoustic tube connects to a plastic earbud that rests comfortably in the ear.
Wired Microphone: A Push to Talk button and surveillance microphone are matched and connected to your portable radio. This microphone and activator button can be wired on your person, placed by your wrist by laying the wiring through your shirt and up your sleeve, enabling discreet speech over the air.

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Q:  Is the security ear phone volume adjustable?

A:  The Ear Spy surveillance earphone works as a 2 way ear phone, takes the same volume level from your scrambled radio communications, and relays it through the acoustic curly cord to the surveillance earpiece. Therefore, you adjust the volume at the radio source, not on the two wire surveillance kit.


Q:  Can other people hear the 2 wire security kit conversation?

A:  2 wire security kits, such as our Ear Spy security earphone offers you high clarity performance, and is designed as a security radio earphone to keep your conversations inside where it sits in your ear so no one can hear them outside.


Q:  Will the Ear Spy security radio earpiece keep out loud, noise from a crowded room?

A:  2 wire surveillance kits are designed to let you hear your scrambled radio communications and be aware of your environment around you so the answer is yes in that it should keep out most noise while you are listening through the 2 way earpiece but if there is noise such as gunfire or unusually loud noises, you may be able to hear them through the membrane of the security earpiece.

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