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Wireless Camera Detector

Wireless Camera Detector

Wireless Camera Detector
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The Wireless Camera Detector is used to detect and lock on to video transmissions from wireless surveillance cameras. This camera detector will scan an area, and once it encounters a video signal, it will let you see the video transmission on its 2.5 inch color display. This helps you find hidden cameras that may be operating in your home or office without your permission.
In addition to the video camera detector's ability to capture video signals, it can also capture audio signals that may accompany a video signal, or a solo audio signal from a bug or hidden transmitter.
The Wireless Camera Detector is able to indicate what frequency the video signal is transmitting on, such as a 2.4 GHz video transmitter, or a 900 MHz video transmitter. This frequency is displayed in the LCD window so you know for sure that what you are receiving is in fact, a video signal.  The camera detection process (to determine if there is a wireless video camera in operation) takes less than 5 seconds. Once the Wireless Video Camera Detector locks on to a video signal, or an audio signal, it then warns you of its discovery.
Full Range Frequency Scanning from 900MHz ~ 2.52GHz
Video and Audio Verification
2.5" High Resolution Monitor
LCD Display Shows Frequency and User Setting Details
Full Range Video Protocol auto-switching for PAL / NTSC, CCIR / EIA
Power:   AA batteries or optional AC adapter
Battery: LCD Indicator of battery life
Antenna: LCD Sensitivity Read Out
Alert:  On / Off Audio Alarm Feature
Alert Tuner: Tuning Gear for sensitivity adjustment
Scanning mode: Automatic and Manual Modes

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Q:  How accurate is the Video Camera Detector?
A:  The Wireless Camera Detector is precise in its operation, with no false testing. That means that once a signal is discovered, it will be viewable on its display to prove it has found a covert transmission.
Q:  Why would someone use a Wireless Camera Detector?
A:  If you suspect someone is watching you, at your home or your office, you would want to know.  That way you may keep your privacy. 

Q:  How close to a wireless camera does the detector have be in order to lock onto a video signal?
A:  The general rule is line of sight within a 12 - 48 foot area. If you are in a room in a home, or the lobby of a hotel, or a cubicle in an office, or in most indoor environments, you would need to be somewhat close by in order to detect the signal. 

:  Does the Video Camera Detector work outside?
A:  Yes, it does. It works anywhere that a video camera can transmit a video signal. When this takes place outside of a house or building, the line of sight rule may increase, and in order to lock onto the video signal, the rule that the camera and its video transmitter may be further away than the 12 - 48 foot area. Therefore, when conducting a search, it would be prudent to search beyond that distance in the event that a long range camera is being used from far away (further than 48 feet).

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