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Voice Changers

Voice Changers

Voice Changers
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Voice Changers are now available in a portable voice changer configuration. That means you can take Voice Changers anywhere and use it on virtually any phone. Our Voice Changers is a professional voice changer consisting of a Module & Acoustic Coupler.

Are you ever alone at home?  Do you want to use disguise your voice and use other voices at your office?  Electronically alter your tone and pitch so that your voice is unrecognizable.  Choose up to 14 different tones and pitches from a deep, low male voice to a high, strong female voice.

Works with virtually all telephone handsets! The Voice Changers from SpyZone can change and disguise your voice, preventing other people from recognizing you.

Q:  How does this professional voice changer work?

A:  The SpyZone Voice Changers uses a digitized processing technology that gives you clear sound.  The built-in microphone intercepts your voice and is then processed into a digital signal that yields an ultra-low distortion format.  Therefore, there is virtually no interference, no irritating whistles, or heterodynes.  The acoustic coupler is compatible for sound distribution on all world-wide phones. 

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Phone Voice Changer

Phone Voice Changer

The phone voice changer alters your voice and uses sound effects compared to other phone voice changers

Q: What kind of phones will the Phone Voice Changer work with?

A: Because of its acoustic coupler, our Voice Changers system will interface with all phones. The sound comes out of the coupler and into the microphone on any phone.

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