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VIPRE AntiVirus

VIPRE AntiVirus

VIPRE AntiVirus

VIPRE Antivirus Antispyware is our new antivirus software with CounterSpy antispyware. From GFI software, formerly Sunbelt computer security software, VIPER Antivirus or VIPRE, works quickly and efficiently. It will not slow down your PC. It scans for virus and spyware threats in real time without using your up computers resources.


First Counterspy antispyware. Now VIPRE antivirus AND antispyware. VIPRE protects your computer from virus threats as well as spyware, malware, and other potential problems whether you known about them or not.

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The best part about our antivirus software is that it DOES NOT SLOW DOWN YOUR PC. This is not just your average antivirus antispyware software.

VIPRE features:

  • A new antivirus antispyware technology
  • An anti-rootkit technology
  • Real time monitoring status
  • Counters threats from emails

Email Defense:
From email delivered threats, VIPRE anti-virus precisely supports Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail platforms , as well as any email program using POP3 and SMTP (found in Gmail features).

Additional antivirus antispyware features:

  • Advanced antivirus and antispyware defense with high speed operation
  • Detects email threats by scanning email for malware and other malicious code
  • Employs a security Kernel-level defense that is active all the time
  • Contains a progressive anti-rootkit technology
  • Quick update download time thanks to small, dependable definition updates
  • Comes with a history footsteps cleaner, secure file remover, and advanced feature: PC Explorer

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VIPRE AntiVirus Anti-Spyware

VIPRE AntiVirus Anti-Spyware

VIPRE Anti-virus Anti-spyware is also available to protect every home computer for less then $50.00 a year, giving you the best antivirus and antispyware protection at an affordable rate.



Anti-spyware using CounterSpy protects your computer because anti spyware is vital to computer security

Q:  What do I do if I am already using CounterSpy to protect my PC?
A:  Our Vipre computer security software brings anti virus defence to your existing CounterSpy anti spyware security software. The result is unified, advanced solution to combatting computer virus and spyware threats.

Existing owners of CounterSpy can try out VIPRE AntiVirus with the same antispyware software found in CounterSpy. Click Here for Home Licensing pricing: VIPRE Volume Pricing.

Q:  What is antivirus software? 
A:  Computer security software is made to detect and fight attacks by rootkits, phishing attacks, worms, trojan horses, and other malicious software like a virus that can be delivered via the internet, local wireless network, or by physical insertion to infect your PC computer.

Q:  How does Vipre Antivirus work?
A:  The Sunbelt proprietary engine examines active and inactive files on your computer in real time, questionable and suspicious computer activity through the computers active and inactive architecture, and analysis of the flow of data, searching for signs of infection.

Note that Sunbelt Software is now a GFI Software company

Vipre antivirus software is online at the following link:

Volume Pricing for all your HOME Computers

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