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Transmitter Detector

Transmitter Detector

Transmitter Detector
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The Transmitter Detector is a bug detector used to catch RF signals from bugging equipment such as room bugs, radio transmitters, and other listening devices. Transmitter detector operation can be conducted by non-technical users who require a sensitive transmitter detector to search for electronic bugs.
RF detection can sweep the spectrum from 1 MHz to 2500 MHz.
Room transmitters placed in an office, a home, hotel room, conference room, even your car, all may pose a threat to voice privacy. Using the Transmitter Detector's sensitivity control feature and radio frequency meter will give you the edge to home in on hidden transmitters and bugs. The Transmitter Detector also can detect bugging equipment placed in your telephone in the event that someone has bugged your phone, phone equipment, or phone wiring.
If you are searching for radio transmitters in an area that has high radio signal traffic, you might encounter false transmissions, which is a good reason to have a sensitivity control feature. If you are operating your transmitter detector in close proximity to cellular phone antennas, radio station antennas, tv antennas, airport traffic controller towers, emergency services like fire department, police department, ambulance, and hospitals, the increase in radio congestion may affect your searching operations.

Weight:  7 oz.
Dimensions:  5.3" x 3.3" x 1.5" High-Impact Case
Antenna: Telescoping Whip Antenna (extendable to 33")
Power:   Requires 1 ... 9 volt battery

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Q:  Why does the Transmitter Detector limit its search for bugs and RF transmitters to the range of 1 - 2500 MHz?

A:  Many commercial radio transmitters or privacy invading electronic bugs are below the level of 2500 MHz. This Transmitter Detector targets that range based on popular transmitters that operate in the 100 - 500 MHz range. If you suspect that the eavesdropper is using non-commercial radio transmitters, such as expensive, un-popular bugging equipment that operates at higher frequencies, then we offer higher level Bug Detectors for your convenience.

:  How sensitive is the Transmitter Detector?

:  With an antenna that extends to almost 3 feet tall, it is able to pick up weak and strong signals in both narrow and wide band ranges.

:  How often do false alerts happen?

A:  RF transmissions from sources other than an electronic bug may be present, so you will have to physically move around when conducting a search. 

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