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Spy Camera Detector

Spy Camera Detector

Spy Camera Detector
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The Spy Camera Detector is a solution used to figure out if you have a hidden camera watching you at home or at work.

How this camera detector works:
  1. You turn it on until the red led lights flash

  2. You point the Spy Camera Detector toward the area where you think a camera might be (on a shelf, ceiling, desk, furniture, anywhere in a room)

  3. You look through the optical detection viewfinder

  4. If you see bright blinking lights in the Spy Camera Detector's field of view, you may have discovered a covert camera

  5. Change your angle and scan again in order to make sure you did not encounter a false positive (Honestly you might find results that may not be an actual hidden camera such a piece of plastic or glass, the same materials used to make a covert camera)

  6. If a hidden covert camera is detected again, then your Spy Camera Detector just helped you detect it and you can then deal with it 
How well does the Spy Camera Detector work?
It is not a magic tool. It does require a minute or 2 of practice so that you get the hang of it.

Some people who buy a camera detector like the Spy Camera Detector expect it to work out of the box, and it does, provided you know how to use it (mostly by looking more than once and changing your angle so you get good at spotting hidden cameras).

At an affordable price, the makes a great spy gadget for those who want to see if there is a hidden camera in a room!

Who would use the Spy Camera Detector? Spy Camera Detectors are simple technology for simple people. If you work in a store and want to see if there is a camera in the dressing room, the Spy Camera Detector is for you!!!

If you work for a government and need to be sure that there are no cameras watching you, you might want to use our professional Video Camera Detector.

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Q: How accurate is the Spy Camera Detector?

A: Under lab conditions it can detect hidden cameras up to 30 feet, but in tested real-world environments we feel it works well up to approximately 15 - 18 feet away (indoors).


Q:  Is it easy to use?

A:  The Spy Camera Detector was designed for personal use during personal security searches to find hidden cameras.

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