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Spoof Cards

Spoof Cards

Spoof Cards

Spoof Cards are clever calling cards that allow you to use a fake Caller ID when making calls. Relatively new, phone spoofing using the Spoof Card lets you choose any phone number you want so when you call other people, they do not know it is you calling. Here at SpyZone, we offer $10 and $20 spoof cards. Each Spoof Card lets you dial a toll free phone number, enter your fake caller ID number, and talk for 16 Cents per minute.

This particular Spoof Card is a Card giving you an hour of talk time. Additional features that are included with Spoof Cards at no extra charge are the ability to record phone calls and the ability to change your voice.

Who does phone spoofing? Everyone. If you call someone using your home phone, cell phone, or office phone, and they want to call you back because they see the number you are speaking from on their Caller ID, Spoof Cards let you hide your caller registration number.

Q:  How do Spoof Cards work?

A:  You can either purchase a $20 or a $10 Spoof Card. After you order your card, you receive an email with a phone number and another email with a PIN number and make calls that can conceal your identity. Once you run out of the prepaid talk-time minutes each Spoof Card comes with, you can either order a new card, or go online to replenish your card. Since there is no shipping charges, you can re-order from SpyZone and save.

A: Where do Spoof Cards work? Spoof Cards work in North America (anywhere in the US and Canada).

For more information on Spoof Cards, including the $20 Spoof Card, Click here.

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Spoof Card

Spoof Card

When using a spoof card understand that spoof cards hide caller id and are for phone call spoofing in order to spoof phone calls

Q:  What shows up on the caller ID of a spoofed call?

A:  Any 10 digit phone number can be spoofed as well as the name registered in the public phone records for that phone number.

Q:  Why do people buy the Spoof Card?

A:  People like the spoof card to hide their identity. Doctors and lawyers love the spoof card because whenever they have to return a call to a patient or client, then can pretend they are calling from their office phone number so their clients do not bother them on their personal phone numbers such as their home or cell phone numbers.

The free phone call recording feature lets people keep track of what they said during phone calls.
People also love having a voice changer feature to call their friends or business associates and make clever, masked phone calls.

Q:  Are there laws concerning the Spoof Card?

A:  To use the features of the spoof card in the US is legal but certain uses may not be depending on which state you are calling from or to. Some states passed laws that make it illegal to spoof caller ID for reasons to mislead, defraud or deceive the recipient of a telephone call so before you use the spoof card, you should check your local laws to make sure it is ok to use the spoof card service from which state you begin your call to which state your call is destined to. Also, the Federal Law requires one party consent when you are recording phone calls and some states require that all parties must be informed that phone calls are recorded so you should check what your local laws are before recording calls. Basically it is your responsibility to find out which states follow this rule before recording calls using the Spoof Card. Also note that Spoof Card disclaims all liability as well as responsibility on how you use the Spoof Card, its features, and services.

Q:  Does anyone track my calls or activities?

A:  Your confidential calls and activities are yours, but if Spoof Card is told that a user of its service has committed illegal activities, and are served with a subpoena, they will disclose whatever the courts request.

Q:  Where can people use the spoof card from?

A:  You can use the Spoof Card from any phone except a payphone or Skype.

The Spoof Card is an in-stock item.

After you order and pay for your Spoof Card, you will receive an email with a Pin Number & information on how to start using your Spoof Card. This email usually follows within the hour but in some instances may take up to 24 hours.

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