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RF Detector

RF Detector

RF Detector
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The RF Detector, like most bug detectors, detect radio frequency signals sent from listening devices such as electronic bugs hidden in objects, or covertly placed in rooms. This RF Detector is able to sweep a room or area for privacy invading bugs and warn you about active RF transmitters.

The RF Detector can detect RF emissions and show the signal strength on its unique bar graph display. This is extremely helpful when you want to detect an active listening device, and attempt to locate it by observing the increase in the listening devices signal output. As you physically come closer to the listening device, you can verify the transmission signal strength using the RF Detectors graphic indicator.

Please note: Most users of this RF Detector are not consumers but professionals with a technical background and or scientific understanding of the radio signals encountered.

In addition, its graphic indicator is made up of 8 segments to help determine the signal level of the radio field emission, giving the user the ability to track down the proximity of audio surveillance devices, as well as detect cellular phones.

The RF Detector will also display the operating mode during bug sweeps and rf sweeps. The RF Detector provides a wide spectrum of measurement for radio signal analysis applications including RF transmission and microwave frequency identification at the greatest possible distance. Once a transmitter has been located and found, the RF Detector pinpoints and locks onto the precise radio or microwave frequency broadcasting your private conversations. The captured transmitter can then be used for disinformation purposes.


Antenna:   Integrated (built-in) for discreet bug sweeps

Display:  8 signal level bar graph (the primary alert indicator)

Secondary Alert Indicator:   Vibration alert (for silent alarm operation)

A microprocessor filter circuitry prevents nuisance alarms from random RF "noise"

Battery Indicator:  Low power alert

Internal Battery: CR2430 battery cell (2 included with each detector)

Battery Charger: External Charger

Frequency Range:  50 MHz up to 3.0 GHz

Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.27 x 1.2 inches
(the original RF Detector came in a larger case. This one has been re-designed (2013) in a smaller housing for discreet electronic sweeping missions)

Includes:  Owner's manual, AC adapter

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Q: Why detect transmissions at 50 MHz? Why not start higher up the spectrum?

A: Most audio surveillance listening devices transmit between 100 MHZ and 500 MHz. This RF Detector looks for threats that are not common, transmitting "below the radar" in order to find "hard to find" electronic bugs.

Q: Why up to 3.0 GHz?

A: There exists a potential range located at 2400 MHz as well as cellular transmissions up to 2700 MHz that transmit audio over radio frequency channels. This might be due to the fact that most cordless phones as well as popular wireless video and audio transmitters operate at 2400 MHz.

Room transmitters placed in an office, a home, hotel room, conference room, even your car, all may pose a threat to voice privacy. Using the Transmitter Detectors sensitivity control feature and radio frequency meter will give you the edge to home in on hidden transmitters and bugs. The Transmitter Detector also can detect bugging equipment placed in your telephone in the event that someone has bugged your phone, phone equipment, or phone wiring.

If you are searching for radio transmitters in an area that have high radio signal traffic, you might encounter false transmissions. If you are operating your transmitter detector in close proximity to cellular phone antennas, radio station antennas, tv antennas, airport traffic controller towers, emergency services like fire department, police department, ambulance, and hospitals, the increase in radio congestion may affect your searching operations.

This item generally requires 24 hours advance notice before shipping.

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