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Phone Recorders

Phone Recorders

Phone Recorders
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Phone Recorders are used to record phone calls, saving not only your phone conversation, but essential caller information as well. The Phone Recorder stores incoming Caller ID, so you know the phone number they used to call you. Our Phone Recorders also save the time and date of your voice recording, helping you to keep track of important conversations.
The Phone Recorder also has an outgoing number log, so you can store the phone numbers you dialed for each phone recording that you execute. This is helpful for recalling details in the event that you need to prove you had a conversation with someone, making a record of the specific phone number that you dialed.
Phone Recorders work on single line phones, as well as multi line phones. That means that you can use the phone recorder to record your home phone calls on your single line home phone, or you can take Phone Recorders to your office and record your office phone calls on your multi line office phone. Please note that if your office does not have Caller ID, you may not be able to capture the incoming phone number.
Phone Recorders Features
- Can activate recording using Voice Activation (records only when someone talks on the phone), Line Activation (starts recording when a phone is picked up), Timer (for telecom meetings to take place at a certain time), and Manual activation
- Multiple speeds function enable phone recording of over 5 hours of phone conversations using a C-120 Audio Tape
- Caller ID can capture the name of the caller if listed with the telephone exchange
- Records incoming and outgoing calls and numbers dialed
- LCD Readout with auto level control helps view all phone call details: Caller ID, Time, Date, Caller Name, etc.
Power:  6V DC
Battery: 4 AA batteries
Weight:  1 lb. 10 oz
Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 5" x 2"
Tape Speeds: 4.8 cm/sec., 1.7 cm/sec.
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Q:  Does the Phone Recorder make any noise when connected to the phone line?

A:  No. There are no interruptions, clicks, or beeps. Just silent, non-disturbing phone recording. 

Q:  What can be recorded?

A:  Record telephone conversations that are incoming or outgoing.
Q:  Does the Phone Recorder have to be connected to the phone?
A:  No. It only has to be connected somewhere on phone line, provided you are using it on a single line. If you are using it on a multi-line phone system such as a PBX found in most office environments, then the answer is yes, it does need to be connected directly to the phone you are using.

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