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Phone Voice Changer

Phone Voice Changer

Phone Voice Changer

The Phone Voice Changer is a both a cool gadget and a great gift. Phone Voice Changers can help women sound like men or men sound like women. The Phone voice changer alters the voice over signle line phones.

The Phone Voice Changer also has a few sound effects, such as a barking dog, door bell, crying baby, so that you can give an excuse to whoever is on the phone that you have to hang up and go. The Phone Voice Changer even has a call waiting sound that other people will think you are getting another call.

Q:  Who uses Phone Voice Changers?

A:  Women home alone at night who want others to think their husband is home. Business people not interested in directly speaking to others over the phone. Businesses who want to appear larger with more people on staff.

How well does it work? The Phone Voice Changer changes your voice, so it works. Most of the time, people cannot recognize the voice of the person they are speaking to, yet we also offer a Professional Voice Changer that has a very sensitive pitch and tone control. The Phone Voice Changer is a cool gadget and it makes a great gift. The Phone Voice Changer also has 6 different audible settings to modify your speech, leaving your identity concealed in mystery.

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No voice changers are like our professional voice changer which receives more complements than other ones on the web



Q: What kind of phones will the Phone Voice Changer work with?

A: Corded and cordless phones as long as they operate on a single line or have a connection to a single line phone outlet.

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