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Pen Activated Voice Recorder

Pen Activated Voice Recorder

Pen Activated Voice Recorder
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The Pen Activated Voice Recorder is used to record your room conversations discretely. An automatic trigger switch is built in to activate the recorder so you do not have to take out the recorder while you are speaking to turn it on.
To engage the voice recorder, simply pull the pen out of the cradle and the voice recorder begins to record. Combined with a sensitive microphone, you can leave the recorder in your pocket while you participate in a conversation. No need to stop your conversation, pull out your recorder, turn it on, and then put it down. This automatic voice recorder will jump to life simply by pulling out the supplied pen out of the cradle.
When you finish speaking, you put the pen back into its cradle. The voice recorder then stops recording. Voice recorders are useful when important conversations need to be saved.
Other Vital Features:
Recording Time1.5 & 3 Hours of voice recording time using a 90 minute cassette with the Pen Activated Voice Recorders adjustable recording time switch. These 2 recording speeds give you the option for high quality voice recording or for extended recording time to save up to 3 hours of conversations.
Voice Activation: In order to record your conversation during speech, a VOX feature can pause the recording process should you or your party stop speaking. This extends the recording time and helps you log increase your voice recording time.
Please note:  U.S. Federal law requires one party knowledge of all conversation recordings. State laws may vary. Please ask your local law enforcement and / or counsel for state recording laws to insure compliance.


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Q:  Is the Pen Activated Recorder discreet?
A:  Yes. It can be carried in your pocket or held on your person without drawing much attention.
Q:  How long will the system record for?
A:  Using an MC-90 microcassette tape, the recording system will record about 3 hours, an hour and a half on each side of the tape.
Q:  What type of recording quality can be expected using the Pen Activated Recorder?
A:  Because the system has 2 recording speeds, one can expect an increase in quality with the fast recording speed. Using the slower recording speed, there may be a slight decrease in sound quality, but only slightly.
Q:What can be recorded?
A:  Voice conversations, room conversations, for interviews, meetings, etc.
Q:  What is the best place to use the Pen Activated Recording System?
A:  Generally, an uncrowded, quiet room is recommended. If the voice recorder is taken to a stadium, auditorium, or area where there is background noise, there might be a decrease in the sound quality.

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