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Hidden Microphone Detector

Hidden Microphone Detector

Hidden Microphone Detector
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The Hidden Microphone Detector is used to indicate if a listening device is spying on your conversations in close vicinity. The Hidden Microphone Detector is small, compact, and easy to use as an introductory level countersurveillance tool.
This beginner Hidden Microphone Detector is used by people who want to know if the rooms they talk in are free from privacy intruding listening devices. This simple detector was designed for non-technical people who are new to the field of countersurveillance, and wish to have conversations without worrying about would be eavesdroppers overhearing what is said.
However, this simple detector not only receives suspicious analog radio signals, but digital signals as well. That opens up a whole new area for detecting hidden microphones. This Hidden Microphone Detector can detect:

  • Bluetooth surveillance bugs
  • Wide Local Area Network bugs
  • Wi-Fi bugs
  • Cellular phone bugs
  • Digital spread spectrum bugs such as cordless phones transmitting digital signals


  • Signal Strength indications for digital and / or analog signals
  • LED indicators to demonstrate signal
  • Audible alarm with tonal change indicates signal power
  • Silent Vibration alert 
  • Audio tone alert used with earphones or the internal speaker
  • Tuning adjuster to increase / decrease the unitís sensitivity

Click Here to review our Bug Detector image gallery of listening devices, hidden microphones, and surveillance bugs collected from bug sweeps with equipment from SpyZone


Dimensions: 87mm L x 55mm W x 24mmT
Weight:  105g
range:   50MHz - 6.0GHz
Power:   3V DC battery (AAA batteries or 2 UM-r batteries)
Caution modes
1st mode:  an audio tone alert & 3 LED lights
2nd mode:  a vibration alert and 3 LED lights
3rd mode: a vibration alert, 3 LED lights, and the use of an earphone connection for quiet, stealthy search operations

Operating Parameters:
8 feet distance for signal indication of a general 10mW 5.8GHz wireless camera
20 feet distance for signal indication of a general 10mW 2.4 GHz wireless camera
40 feet distance for cellular phone operation indication in the analog frequency range
60 feet distance for cellular phone operation indication in the digital frequency range

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Q:  Why is this system a beginner Hidden Microphone Detector?

A:  Because it is an introductory level countersurveillance device that is designed as a multi-purpose rf detector. It is geared to accomplish many goals for beginner users who do not know what type of threat they are up against.
Q:  How sensitive is the Hidden Microphone Detector?
A:  It is designed to detect many threats in a close proximity. It performs very well when it is physically close to active RF transmitters.

Q:  How does sensitivity matter?
A:  RF transmitters that are very well hidden and far from the area being searched may sometimes be difficult to detect, yet this affordable, introductory level Hidden Microphone Detector can be used to find most transmitters by using it during physically close searches.

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