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GPS Tracker Tracking System

GPS Tracker Tracking System

GPS Tracker Tracking SystemGPS Tracker Tracking System
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The GPS Tracker is a fast acting GPS Tracking System for people tracking and vehicle trackingIt sends GPS location details in the form of SMS signals or text messages to your computer or your mobile internet ready cell phone. The GPS Tracker is 'fast acting' because unlike its predecessor, the Tactical GPS Tracking System, the time to receive real time GPS coordinates is decreased.

The GPS Tracker process only takes 15 seconds to update detailed information so you are able to conduct real time tracking in a fast manner. Because it processes GPRS and GSM data, the tracking signal is very clear and can be transmitted under most conditions here in the US. Otherwise, it is pretty much the same as the Tactical GPS system.

With the GPS Tracker, you are able to conduct live surveillance with up to date information as the target moves.

GPS Mapping Dynamics:  Using mapping technology from Google, the GPS Tracker is a vehicle tracking system as well as a people tracking system. All movements of vehicles, people, packaged, or valuables can be traced and viewed on a cell phone or a computer.

GPS Operation: The GPS Tracker sends GPS location data as detailed reports using SMS messaging, consisting of the navigational routes the GPS Tracker travels in. By superimposing those routes on a street map displayed on your mobile internet cell phone or your computer, you can observe where a car or person is standing or traveling while they are on the move.

An internal rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the GPS Tracker for 24 hours. An optional back up battery pack can power the GPS Tracker for up to 30 days.


Virtual Boundary Alert: If the target carrying the GPS Tracking System moves beyond a Geofence or area you pre-configure with borders, a GPS alert message can be sent to you.

GPS Surveillance & Electronic Tagging: Using a Mobile Internet empowered cellular phone, you can watch where your target is while you are outside. You do not need to be sitting down at your computer connected to your office internet connection. You can be outdoors, several blocks or miles from the target, sitting in your vehicle, or in transit, and view live GPS surveillance from a portable perspective.

GPS Tracking Map Image: The cell phone used can display a digital map with the targets location indicated. These digital maps can zoom out to show the GPS tracking subjects in wide area neighborhood maps, and these maps can also zoom in, down to the street level imagery.

GPS Tracking Map Addresses: The cell phone used can also receive the text location of the nearest physical addresses, so you can learn the location of an address where the target being tracked was close to or at.

Cellular No cell phone software installation required
Compatible with all cellular providers including Cingular, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint and more.
Displays the nearest street address and highlights that location on a street level map (Zoomable)
Real time tracking updates every 60 seconds



Additional Details:

The GPS Tracker comes in a self contained housing - there is no external antenna

New GPS assist function using GSM network, boosting location sensitivity when GPS signal is temporarily lost.

Durable, lightweight, water-resistant housing.

Enhanced sensitivity for indoor or outdoor reporting.

12 Volt DC hardwire connector included.

Can be programmed or re-programmed from any cell phone with text messaging.

Emergency alerts can be sent to multiple cell phones.

How it comes: Everything you need to begin GPS Tracking is included. There are no monthly internet access charges should you wish to conduct GPS Tracking using a GPS enabled cell phone. For this type of service option, you simply receive GPS Tracking information on your cell phone or other hand held device like a PDA that can receive SMS text messages or even email. You can program your GPS Tracker to send GPS location reporting information manually or automatically.

Cellular Technology & Service: Our GPS Tracking Systems use cellular phone technology in order to send you the location data of GPS tracking devices. To perform the operation of transmitting the location of GPS Tracking Systems, you will need to subscribe to a service on a prepaid or monthly installment basis.

Q:  Why do I have to pay service fees, as I am already purchasing the GPS Tracking System?

A:  There is a service charge in the same manner that you would pay a service charge for using your cell phone and making calls from that phone. The only difference is that instead of making voice conversations, you will be making data calls in the form of GPS location data, and that is the technology we are offering for you to conduct GPS Tracking.

Q:  How much are the fees?

A:  The fees are:

  • a one time fee of $69.95 to activate the GPS Tracking service
  • a $19.95 monthly service plan that offers you a limited amount of GPS Tracking activity
  • a $49.95 monthly service plan that offers you an unlimited amount of GPS Tracking activity and this service plan is payable in the form of 6 or 12 month prepayment options
  • an optional annual fee of $59.95 to activate your Cell Phone Tracking Viewer, available on GPS enabled cellular phones (this is optional because not everyone wants to use their cell phone to conduct GPS Tracking . . . some people are more comfortable sitting by a desktop or laptop computer and view GPS Tracking activites over the internet)

There is no need to install any type of cellular phone software. The GPS Tracker Tracking System is compatible with all cellular providers including Verizon, Cingular, T-mobile, Sprint and more. The system can send you updates of GPS Tracking location every 60 seconds, and it can display the nearest street address and highlight that location on a street level map.

Optional Long Term Battery pack & magnetic mounted concealment case: If you are looking to track someone for more than a day, we recommend you use the GPS Power Supply Operations Case. This power supply will enable you to transform the operating time from a 24 hour configuration into a surveillance tracking system that can poewr various gps operations from 60 to 90 day configurations. The waterproof case can hold the GPS Tracker Tracking System and the 8 AA batteries needed to power the system for a month of automatic, manual, historical, or even unattended usage.

Concealment Case Dimensions: 6 1/2 x 4 x 1 3/4 inches

Using lithium batteries will extend the GPS Tracker Tracking System operating time beyond a month.

Battery Saver Feature: If there is no movement for 5 minutes, the last known position is transmitted, then the system powers down until movement is detected, then after a 2 minute interlude, the new position is transmitted. This conserves battery life.



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Q:  What is real time GPS Tracking?

A:  Real time GPS Tracking consists of observing or watching the path a person has taken without having to physically go to the GPS Tracking device and retrieve the geographic data that the device has traveled in.

Q:  How fast does real time GPS data operate in?

A:  GPS Tracking can produce real time data instantaneously, and send that data in time increments ranging from 15 seconds to 2 minutes, depending upon how the system is configured.

Q:  What is a mobile internet ready cell phone in relationship to GPS Tracking?

A:  The GPS Tracking technology enables a target to be displayed on a full graphical map. This map can be seen on cell phones. For instance, service providers such as Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile, Sprint and more, currently have software in mobile internet ready cellular phones that enable GPS locations to be observed. Therefore, the GPS Tracker's position can be viewed on cellular phone 'maps' that are fully zoom-able right down to street level. The phone will also provide the nearest physically address.

   Where is the best place to put a GPS Tracking Device?

A:    Anywhere that the device is in line of sight with the sky. The satellite data with mapping information is best obtained when there is a clear line of sight to GPS orbiting satellites. Most of Spyzone clients who wish to be discreet choose to place the GPS Tracking device under plastic bumpers of cars, in a plastic first aid kit in the back seat, in a back seat organizer (works great if there is a sunroof above), in a tissue box in the back of a car, should be enough to obtain a signal for GPS tracking purposes.


Q:   What if the GPS Tracking Device is not able to get a clear location signal?

A:   GPS Tracking requires deployment and monitoring practice. That means that before you conduct a live tracking operation, you need to practice a few test runs in order to become well acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of Earth Orbit Satellites and the tracking data involved.

   What if I cannot put my GPS Tracking device inside the bumper? Are there any other ways to discretely place the GPS Tracking Device in or on a car?

A:   SpyZone clients have reported back to us that they have successes putting their GPS Tracking Device in clothing by the back seat of their cars, in backpacks on the back seat and front seat of their cars, in glove compartments, under car seats (works some of the time), and many other creative places. GPS Tracking Devices from SpyZone work best when they have a view to the sky. This means that any window such as the front or rear, or even a sunroof, are all good locations for prime GPS signal acquisition. We tell people who want discreet GPS Tracking there may be some limitations in performance when hiding their GPS Trackers. They are able to operate very well when no metal is blocking their line of site to the sky, which is why placing GPS Trackers under fabrics and plastics are often used when discretion is required.

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