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FlashDrive Audio Recorder

FlashDrive Audio Recorder

FlashDrive Audio Recorder
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The Flashdrive Recorder is a voice recorder built into a flash drive. Instead of using a digital audio recorder or cassette recorder the size of a cell phone, imagine a voice recorder discretely built into the housing of a flash drive.

Our Flashdrive Recorder is silent, can store up to 160 voice recording hours thanks to the Flashdrive Recorders 8 GB of digital recording memory, wherein 20 hours of storage averages for each 1 GB of memory (more or less). The Flashdrive Recorder comes with one switch to turn on and off the audio recorders discrete recording function.

Imagine you are in a meeting and the most important conversation is taking place. How will you remember everything said? Using audio recorders is now easy and efficient to do, as our Flashdrive Recorder boasts many hours of storage in a compact and discreet housing. Audio recorders may have many buttons and functions, but this digital voice recorder is simple, with only one switch, you can store your conversations.



After the Flashdrive Recorder finishes recording your voice conversations, interviews, or private discussions, you simply connect it to your computer (PC or Mac) and playback your audio voice recordings.

Need an audio recorder to record a conversation but do not want to put a microphone in someone's face, making it uncomfortable and out of place. Conduct your recordings with tact, by putting your audio Flashdrive Recorder on the desk, in your pocket, or hold it politely while you interview your subjects.




Technical Specifications:    
Digital memory:  8GB 
Hours of digital audio recording time per GB: Approximately 20 
Operation:  Approximately 4 hours operating time (fully charged)
Internal rechargeable battery:  Offers up to 4 hours of battery life on a full charge
 Plug and Play - easy to use
 Win2000 / XP/ME/NT operating systems /Mac 8.6 or higher
 Play back available using Windows Media Player or Free VLC player
 It also is a USB Flash Drive
 Instruction manual: included
 Dimensions:  2 1/2" x 3/4" x 1/4"

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Q:  Does the FlashDrive Recorder have a speaker and a play button that could accidently go off?

A:   No. Just a microphone and a recording on / off feature. All playback is done through your computer, so there is no way anyone could hear your digital audio recorder make a sound.


Q:  Can I save the recordings as files that I can email?

A:  The answer is Yes but it helps to know a little about using Windows Media Player or VLC Player, as those are applications that allow people to save the audio recorders files into folders that you can access and email.


Q:  Is there any indication that the FlashDrive Recorder is active?

A:  Yes, when you activate the recording function, there is an LED light that briefly turns on and goes off moments after so you know the voice recorder is working.


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