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Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder
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The Digital Voice Recorder is a professional voice recording system used to record room conversations, phone calls, cell phone calls, and wireless or cordless phone conversations.
Phone Recorder: The Digital Voice Recorder is able to record single line phone calls when the phone handset is taken off hook; This off hook activation works anywhere on the phone line, so if you pick up a phone in one room, and your Digital Voice Recorder is connected to the phone line in another room, it will still record the call.
Room Recorder:  The Digital Voice Recorder is designed to discreetly gather high quality room conversations. It can be used as a pocket recorder, enabling personal or business conversations to be recorded and saved. The Digital Voice Recorder eliminates lost conversations.


  • Time and Date Stamp for evidence authentication
  • 34 Hours of digital voice recording capacity
  • Worlds First and Only NO BATTERY DRAIN* (*When used with single line phones)
  • Almost no depletion of battery power When connected to a single line phone, as the batteries remain on standby until the phone conversation takes place. A small volume of energy may be exerted to power the lcd screen
  • Call duration counter, viewable during playback of audio recordings
  • On battery power, the system can record approximately 16 hours of a continuous conversation on a single charge.
  • Can work as a cell phone recorder, pay phone recorder, and hotel phone recorder thanks to the microphone recording attachment
  • USB Digital Interface: quickly transfer conversations, saved as files, to Your PC
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity: if the recording sounds quiet on playback, you have the option to increase the affectability of the microphone in order to increase the audible pick up your conversation
  • Remaining Time: see how much time left is available on the Digital Voice Recorder
  • Voice Operated Recording helps reduce recording time when your conversation is at a pause or on hold
  • Variable Speed: You may record and playback your conversation at more than one speed
  • Speed Search: gives you the ability to look for recordings quickly
  • Multiple recording quality modes
  • Monitor specific recordings
  • LCD Display with backlighting
  • AC Adaptor

Included Accessories:
- Tethered microphone for room recording
- Batteries
- Earphone for discreet listening
- USB Cable
- Voice Manager software for loading recordings onto your computer
- User Manual
- Hand Strap
- Telephone Connection Interface for Single Line Phones
Telephone Connection Interface for Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Digital Phones, & Pay Phones

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Q:  Is the digital voice recorder discreet?
A:  Yes. It can be carried in your pocket or held on your person without drawing much attention.
Q:  Why do some digital voice recorders store few hours of conversations while others store more?
Answer 1: All digital voice recorders have the ability to record in a standard 'speed' mode and a reduced 'speed' mode.
The Standard speed produces excellent sound quality. 
The Reduced speed produces sound quality that is not equal to standard, but increases the recording time by 100%.
Answer 2: Some digital voice recorders have more memory than others, increasing the volume of audio data to be stored.
Q: What can be recorded?
A:  Voice conversations, room conversations, phone conversations (connected to a phone or line correctly), interviews, meetings, etc.
Q:  What is the best place to use the digital voice recorder?
A:  Generally, an uncrowded, quiet room is recommended. If the digital voice recorder is taken to a stadium, auditorium, or area where there is background noise, there might be a decrease in the sound quality.
Q:  How can recordings be transferred to other people?
A:  All digital voice recorders come with a USB connection and software so that you may take your conversation, download it to your computer, and from that point, you should be able to save a copy and email it to others, or save a copy onto a cd rom or external drive such as a flash drive.

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