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CounterSpy protects your computer from spyware, malicious software or malware, potential problems found in software that finds a way into your computer whether you knowingly downloaded it thinking your download was safe, or just went to a website and picked it up unknowingly. VIPRE Antivirus with antispyware is the replacement for the anti-spyware software known as CounterSpy ( see CounterSpy.com ).

In case you do not really understand what spyware is, common results include:

  • capturing your private user names and passwords
  • capturing your financial data, be it credit card information and personal or business bank details
  • capturing your personal files on your computer without your knowledge or consent (because smart people who actually write spyware programs are not interested in asking for your permission !!!)

Want more information on CounterSpy? Visit the VIPRE site which explains the antispyware:
Check out CounterSpy.com to learn more about our high level computer security software that encompasses both AntiVirus and Anti-Spyware software, including the Product Features of VIPRE AntiVirus, Click here for Volume Pricing

How does CounterSpy work?
Now VIPRE, this computer security program will protect your Windows PC Desktop or Laptop by analyzing your system, searching for known and unknown threats and infections, while cross referencing the results in real time with a database of dangerous (and non-dangerous) software and malware definitions. Once an infection is discovered, VIPRE AntiVirus alerts you, gives you the opportunity to manage the discovery, and prevent problems from happening.

Try it out for free! Why? For peace of mind, for knowing your computer can keep your confidential information secure, and for keeping your computer running its operating system at fast speeds without being infected by slow, unauthorized programs.

CounterSpy Origins:
A CounterSpy is a one who combats enemy espionage tactics. Protect yourself with the upgrade to VIPRE AntiVirus.

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VIPRE AntiVirus

VIPRE AntiVirus

VIPRE Antivirus Antispyware is more than anti-virus software as it steps beyond counterspy anti-spyware with its high speed detection to find and stop virus, spyware, and malware threats.

Q:  What are signs that I have an infection of SpyWare?

A:  Your internet browsing speeds are much slower than they should be, you experience an increase in popup advertisements, your computer takes forever to work, etc, etc. Because spyware also works as covert interception of your private data, it is usually designed to run quietly and not give you any indication that you are being infected.

Q:  What is Real Time Protection and how does it help me?

A:  CounterSpy is working even when you are not, so you can leave your computer on knowing that when you return from lunch or dinner, your computer security software or computer security guard has been watching your computer while you have been gone.

When alarms have been detected by CounterSpy, the possible infection is immediately dealt with using the CounterSpy database of file and setting signatures, enabling non-dangerous modifications to be made. In addition, a signal alerts you that you may have a potential infection on your computer, helping you to manage the situation.

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CounterSpy is now available as VIPRE:

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