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Going to a game but your seats are far away? Our SpyZone Binoculars will increase your view from far away. The 10x25mm Compact Binocular provides excellent optical quality for viewing during daytime hours where light is available. Our 10x25mm is compact, portable, and reliable. It has a center focus knob with an independent right diopter adjustment for maximum focusing flexibility.
Size & Distance
Our SpyZone Binoculars are identified with the size number of 10x25, wherein 10 is the magnification and 25 is the diameter of the object lens. In basic terms, these binoculars are designed to let the user see 10 times the distance of normal eyesight.
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Question: How do I clean my compact SpyZone Binoculars?

Answer: Cleaning should be done carefully so as not to scratch the lenses. First blow away any dust, then use the soft cloth supplied with your compact Binoculars by gently applying it in a circular direction on each lens.

If fingerprints or oils are on the lenses and do not come off by rubbing gently, try using photography style lens cleaning fluid. Try applying some fluid to a clean cotton cloth and then gently rubbing. Never apply force when rubbing.

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