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Audio Recorders

Audio Recorders

Audio Recorders
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Audio Recorders and our starter Audio Recorder is a beginners level audio recording device with basic features, intended for those who are new to digital recorders and want to record room conversations without the features of a very complicated system. Audio recorders have intricate aspects with many applications and innovations, yet this Audio Recorder gives users a taste of high tech digital recorders without the full arsenal of features requiring more attention.
The Audio Recorder can record up to 16 hours of conversations on battery, and with 8GB of memory, you can recharge it to save up to 1040 hours of recording time on the LP mode. It has the ability to start recording using Voice Activation to eliminate recording the silence when no one is talking. It comes with software for your computer, so you can upload recorded conversations using the supplied USB connector to link the Audio Recorder to your computer.
The Audio Recorder can operate as a phone recorder, letting you record your landline or cellular phone calls. An AC adapter is supplied so the Audio Recorder can operate without the use of batteries.


  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity, if recordings sound quiet, you can increase the microphone's ability to pick up sound during your conversation recording
  • 16 Hour audio recording capacity
  • Connects to your computer via USB
  • Multiple recording quality modes
  • Works as a Phone Recorder + a Cell Phone Recorder
  • Can automatically power down
  • Voice Activated Recording feature
  • Variable speed lets you record and playback your conversation at more than one speed
  • Internal battery recording time is 16 hours (approximately)
    Dimensions:  3 x 1 x inches
    The Audio Recorder includes:
  • Audio Recorder
  • USB cable
  • Body worn microphone
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Telephone Recorder connector
  • Cell Phone Recorder adapter
  • Earphones
  • Carrying Strap
  • USB Power Connector (plug into your computer or any USB power charger)
  • Instructions
  • CD ROM
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Q:  Is the audio recorder discreet?
A:  Yes. It can be carried in your pocket or held on your person without drawing much attention.
Q:  Why do some audio recorders store few hours of conversations while others store more?
Answer 1: All digital audio recorders have the ability to record in a standard 'speed' mode and a reduced 'speed' mode.
The Standard speed produces excellent sound quality. 
The Reduced speed produces sound quality that is not equal to standard, but increases the recording time by 100%.
Answer 2: Some audio recorders have more memory than others, increasing the volume of audio data to be stored.
Q:What can be recorded?
A:  Voice conversations, room conversations, phone conversations (connected to a phone or line correctly), interviews, meetings, etc.
Q:  What is the best place to use the audio recorder?
A:  Generally, an uncrowded, quiet room is recommended. If the audio recorder is taken to a stadium, auditorium, or area where there is background noise, there might be a decrease in the sound quality.
Q:  How can recordings be transferred to other people?
A:  All digital audio recorders come with a USB connection and software so that you may take your conversation, download it to your computer, and from that point, you should be able to save a copy and email it to others, or save a copy onto a cd rom or external drive such as a flash drive.

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