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Cell Phone Jammer

Cellular Surveillance & Cell Phone Jammer Model MS-2

The MS-2 Cell Phone Jammer or Cellular Jammer can block unauthorized cellular phone operation, nullify unauthorized data transfer, and disable audio & video monitoring data transfer via cell phone. Note the MS-2 is not to be confused with the Prison Jamming System or Intelligent Jamming System IJS-6000 found at the HSS Development site:

This Cell Phone Jammer helps protect home, business, hotel room, conference room, and vehicle from privacy invading cellular phones and surveillance equipment such as GSM Bugs, Cellular Bugs, and Cellular Transmitters.

Unlike other cellular block equipment, the Cell Phone Jammer is a multi-jamming system, and has the ability to disable cellular phones in the following standards:

AMPS standard operating at 869-894 Mhz

GSM standard operating at 925-960 Mhz

DCS standard operating at 1805-1880 Mhz

ETACS standard operating at 916-949 Mhz

The system has some optional upgrades that enable UMTS blocking, and for that application, you would most likely need to review the RF Jammers section of HSS Development here: http://www.secintel.com/ecom-catshow/rf_jammers.html

Ideal jamming takes place in room environments that are 5 to 20 meters wide, yet this Cellular Phone Jammer can also work beyond rooms. As a cellular jammer, the effectiveness of the MS-2 depends upon:

1) The physical placement of the unit.

2) The environment that the subscriber's terminal is being used in.

3) The location of nearest cellular base system.

Should any of these 3 factors effect the performance of jamming, simply moving the location of the MS-2 can help compensate and improve jamming.

MS-2 Key Features:

  • Disable cell phones
  • Disable cellular bugging equipment
  • Disable audio & video monitoring data transfer via cell phone
  • Prevent disruptions of meetings
  • Remote activation capabilities

For more information on the Cell Phone Jammer and Communication Jammer technology, visit http://www.secintel.com

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