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Armored Vehicles, Armored Cars

Armored Cars and Armored Vehicles
Options & Features
If you are looking for Armored Vehicles or Armored Cars that offer you more than just bullet resistant glass and armored panels, then review the following list of options. These features can be customized for your vehicle armoring project on your new or used vehicle.
All we would need from you is the year, make, and model, and the level of protection you are seeking.
Protection Levels
If you are going to be traveling in an inner city environment, you might want to protect yourself from basic threats such as hand guns that fire .22 rounds, .38 rounds, .45 rounds, etc.
However, if you are going to be driving through a dangerous and hostile territory, and you suspect assault rifles equipped with 7.62 Nato rounds or .308 rounds, or if you want to defend against Armor Piercing rounds, then you would consider a higher threat leavel.
After reviewing the Armored Vehicle and Armored Car Options list, send us an email so we can better help you find the level of personal protection you are searching for and the optional equipment for your security and safety.
Options List for Armored Cars / Armored Vehicles
  • Bullet Resistant Sun Roof
  • Door Overlap Protection for Armored Cars & Armored Vans
  • Battery Armor Box
  • Gunports for Rear of Jeep & Suburban Armored Vehicles
  • Roll Up &  Down Windows, for front driver side & front passenger side windows

  • RF Jammer / IED Jamming System to counter Roadside Bombs by Radio Controlled IED Ambushes
  • ArmorAire Air Filtration System to defend against Smoke and Toxic Gas from entering the vehicle

  • Air Bag Shut Off Switch, Armored Cars & Armored Vans 
  • 80 - AMP Heavy Duty Battery (with exchange)  
  • Bomb Protection Blanket 
  • Overlap Protection
  • Radiator Protection - Louvers
  • Radiator Protection Screen

  • Ram Bumpers Rear 
  • Ram Bumpers Front
  • Safety Rollers
  • Siren and P.A. System 
  • Tack Dispensing System 
  • Tear Gas System 
  • Smoke Deterrent System 
  • Oil Slick System
  • Road Block (Portable) 
  • Sneak Up Protection (Cars, Vans & Trucks)
  • Special Hidden Compartment, usually mounted in the trunk

  • Red Lights Behind Grills
  • 2-Halogen Lights
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Strobe Lights
  • Remote Start  
  • Double Privacy Partition 
  • Dual Battery System
  • Electric Door Locks (each door)  
  • Electric Shock System, 110 VOLTS, (check your local laws for this one)       

  • Bullet Resistant Vest 
  • Emergency Road Repair Kit        
  • Emergency Oxygen         
  • Emergency First Aid Kit         
  • Emergency Trunk Release         
  • Engine Fire Suppressant System
  • Five (5) Pound ABC Fire Extinguisher 
  • Intercom System Inside to Outside
  • Transmission Cooler

  • Two Way Communication Radio
  • Burglar Alarm with Remote Beeper
  • CD Player 
  • Color Television
  • AM/FM Stereo-Cassette/Speakers 
  • Dispensing Beverage Bar 
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