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Star Noise and Gcom Consultants offer solutions through SpyZone.com consisting of high tech surveillance, countersurveillance, security, and safety systems.

SpyZone.com was launched in 1995 when the internet was in its infant stages, as an informative website for the security, safety, and counter-surveillance industries. SpyZone.com was the front-runner for all security marketing retail websites, and all security websites dealing with personal security, corporate security, law enforcement security, and government security.
During the 1990s through 2003, the products and services from SpyZone.com were previously available from a chain of Counter Spy Shops in the US & Europe, enjoying the best addresses in London, Paris, and the USA. The products and services went hand in hand with the Counter Spy Shop line of technology solutions for VIPs, corporate executives, and law enforcement agencies. In 2003, the engineering division that supported commercial and law enforcement security technologies "reinvented themselves" to address counter-terrorist technologies, now prominently viewable online at the Homeland Security Strategies website http://www.secintel.com .
Homeland Security Strategies responds to requests both from the U.S. and abroad for the latest countermeasure equipment and methods to combat the growing threats from a new breed of sophisticated techno-terrorists and info-thieves. Homeland Security Strategies focuses on worldwide government and wholesale contracts, specializing in the latest cutting edge equipment and tactical training for counter terrorism, security, surveillance, and countermeasures. Its equipment is being designed for those who need to protect against potential damage from terrorists, ruthless competitors, disloyal insiders, and vindictive ex-employees.
Star Noise and Gcom Consultants help users find surveillance and security products not just because our site is one of the oldest web sites on the internet providing information on the latest in security, countermeasures, and surveillance technologies, but for our experience providing the right products to solve your problems. We offer hi-tech solutions to today's real issues and threats.

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