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Spy Finder
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Spy Finder? What is a Spy Finder? The Spy Finder is a camera detector or covert camera detector that people use to look for hidden cameras.

At an affordable price, the Spy Finder makes a great spy gadget for those who want to see if there is a hidden camera in a room!

Who would use a Spy Finder? Spy Finders are simple technology for simple people. If you work in an a store and want to see if there is a camera in the dressing room, the Spy Finder is for you!!!

If you work for a government and need to be sure that there are no cameras watching you, you might want to use our professional Video Camera Detector.


The Spy Finder is part of a line of spy gadgets for personal use. The Spy Finder makes a cool gift for co-workers who want to know if the boss has a camera watching them, as well as for college students who want to make sure they are not being placed on internet videos, who DON'T WANT TO BE THE NEXT ONE ON YOU TUBE!!!

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Q: How accurate is the Spy Finder Camera Detector?

A: It is able to search for cameras at distances of 5-10 feet away.


Q:  Is it easy to use?

A:  The Spy Finder was designed for personal use during personal security searches to find hidden cameras.

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