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Micro DVR

Micro DVR

Micro DVR
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The Micro DVR series of Digital Video Recorders are body worn video recording systems used as covert video recording devices to store covert video surveillance. This Micro DVR is a
credit card sized covert video recorder that measures 3 x 2 x 1 inches, even smaller than a credit card.

It connects to your body worn surveillance camera and stores high quality MPEG4 compression. It then stores the surveillance video onto an SD memory card which can be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. Digital Video Recording times will vary depending upon the size of the SD memory card used.
When discreet video recordings are necessary, and good viewing quality is what you want,
the Micro DVR is your first choice for portable and reliable surveillance recorders.
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Micro DVR SD Card

Micro DVR SD Card

The SD CARD is used to store video surveillance on the Micro DVR.



Q:  Where does the Micro DVR store video surveillance?

A:  The Micro DVR comes with a 1 Gigabyte SD CARD that you can record video onto.


Q:  How can I view the recorded video surveillance?

A:  You can view the surveillance on your computer with the supplied software and cables, on a video monitor, and also on the built in LCD screen.


Q:  How long can the Micro DVR Record for?

A:  Using the included 1 GB SD CARD, you can record for 60 minutes of real time video.


Q:  How can I record for longer?

A:  You may either purchase additional 1 GB SD cards, or a high capicity 4 GB SD CARD and store additional video surveillance.

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