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RF Jammers

RF Jammers: Advantages and Disadvantages

Using RF Jammers is better than not using RF jammers because the alternative can be deadly, when going up against IED threats such as RCIEDs or Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices.

RF Jammers or an RF Jammer emits radio interference and saturates the environment with electromagnetic energy. This is helpful when trying to suppress a radio receiver from acquiring a detonation signal via remote control in order to trigger the improvised explosive device it is connected to.

Why are RF Jammers better than Cellular Phone Jammers? RF Jammers, unlike Cell Jammers, can penetrate a broader spectrum of frequency bands used to activate RCIEDs. The advantage for blocking broad ranges of radio signal pathways is the blocking of possible detonation signals sent by a terrorist or insurgent.

That is, anyone trying to detonate an improvised explosive device or IED by sending a radio signal to a radio trigger will encounter too much interference to set off the explosive by radio actuator.

The disadvantage of RF Jammers involves the inoperability of radio, cellular, or satellite communications. That means you will not be able to call anyone for help using a wireless radio or phone during an ambush while driving, guarding a checkpoint, border, or building.

RF Jammers are designed to block all communications. However, some RF Jammers are available with communication window gaps or an opening amongst the incursion of jamming interference. Some of these 'windows' permit 1 and 2 way communication to take place.

For more information on RF Jammers, go to the Bomb Jammer site at http://www.bombjammer.com 

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