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Phone Security

Phone Security concerns in the 1960's grew as wiretaps and wiretap technology became rampant with few tap detectors available, since tap detector phone security was just emerging. Almost 50 years later, Phone Security equipment has grown from vulnerabilities in phone security over analog and digital phone lines.

The Problem: Eavesdropping on phone conversations causes anxiety as people feel the need to keep private communications from becoming public information.

The Solution: Voice privacy is able to be guarded using telephone countermeasure systems so that people can feel safe and speak freely over the phone.

How does one use voice privacy technology? First and foremost, you need to identify the threat. If you think there is a wire tap or phone tap on the line, you need to examine your phones and the lines they operate on. You need to measure the voltage, perform tests, and verify the results in order to determine how safe or unsafe your phone lines are. Phone security involves TSCM or technical surveillance counter measures to be used on and by your phone lines.

This is a process whereby one conducts a series of tests on the phone line as well as the environment where the phone lines operate. The test results can help determine if in fact, a listening device may be connected to the phone line or the phone equipment in use. In addition, a listening device may be operating without actually connecting to the phone line, but in close vicinity of the phone equipment, and work to capture your conversation, compromising your phone security.


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