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Listening Devices

Listening Devices: Audio Surveillance & Surveillance Transmitters

Listening devices for Audio Surveillance involve the capturing of conversations using surveillance transmitters or wireless transmitters, surveillance recorders, monitoring equipment, and listening device tools in a legal manner.

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Listening Devices are designed for Audio Surveillance or Audio Intercept purposes, to be used by law enforcement agencies. They consist of:

  • RF transmitters
  • electronic bugs
  • body wires
  • bugging devices
  • bugging equipment
  • electronic bugs
  • phone bugs
  • telephone wiretaps

Listening Devices and Audio Surveillance equipment can listen, monitor, record, and store voice conversations. Listening devices in conjunction with voice recorders or voice loggers can save conversations for legal evidence collection and monitor conversations while they take place.

Listening devices can help evaluate threats and safety levels of people in many situations.  A Wireless Mic or Wireless Microphone listening device broadcasting surveillance conversations to a radio receiver or communications receiver help law enforcement officers gather and store information. This audio surveillance system is one of many available to police agencies that need listening devices to collect evidence on suspected criminals.


Listening Devices: Types & Applications

Concealable Transmitters can monitor conversations in a room if gaining access is difficult, by using room transmitters, body wires, wireless mics, etc. These listening devices are self contained, free-standing, and can be placed in a room where discovery would be unlikely yet close to where conversations take place.

Disguised Transmitters and covert transmitters are used for covert surveillance by placing audio transmitters into everyday objects such as a clock, belt, calculator, ashtray, the user conducts undercover operations. In addition to the GCOM line of covert transmitters, customized housings for covert transmitter applications may also be requested.

Digital Surveillance Transmitters are listening devices with features such as remote controlled activation, audio surveillance recorder features, encrypted surveillance transmitters, and data monitoring transmitters.

Listening Devices that transmit Audio Surveillance over long distance while drawing very low power output are known as Lithium Transmitters. These listening devices are very small and can be placed in hard to view areas.

Telephone Transmitters are listening devices used for phone tapping in order to obtain both sides of a phone conversation. These listening devices are telephone wiretaps that live off the energy of the phone line, prolonging their operation life indefinitely.

Mains Powered Transmitters are listening devices and broadcast audio surveillance for extended use where continuous power exists, and audio surveillance access is difficult to get. These listening devices can operate indefinitely due to the AC power line that provides continuous power to the listening device.

Please note: Listening devices and Audio Surveillance technology is for Law Enforcement audio monitoring operations only in the United States and in most countries. In the United States, listening devices and audio surveillance devices found on http://www.gcomtech.com are regulated by the US Code Title 18, Section 2512, and in the United States, these devices and / or systems are available to authorized US Government Agencies only.

For more information on Listening Devices, you may visit the European website: http://www.gcomtech.com

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