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Lie Detectors

Lie Detectors and Voice Stress Analysis

Lie Detectors that use Voice Stress Analysis for Lie Detection and Truth Verification interviews / interrogations are tools for people who need to know the truth. The Lie Detection process involves electronic test measurement equipment that observe the human voice, analyze its characteristics, and display electronic Lie Detector values on the Voice Stress Analyzer readout.

Making decisions with what people tell you generally need to be based on true statements.  The human body can mask truth values in many ways with the exception of the human voice.  Therefore, Lie Detectors that utilize Voice Stress Analysis offer a direct method of determining true and false answers for interview / interrogation practices.
Our Voice Stress Analyzers can work discretely, when used while examining the subject over the phone.
Our Voice Stress Analyzers can also work in person when used while interviewing the subject at hand.
For more information on LIE DETECTORS and VOICE STRESS ANALYSIS, Contact HSS Development. or review the Voice Stress Analyzer.

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