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Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer:

It is the responsibility of the Buyer, and not the Seller, to have knowledge of, obey, and comply with all applicable Local, State, Province, and Country Laws and regulations in regard to the purchasing, possession, and use from any and all items from us and our website http://www.spyzone.com .

By placing an order with us and http://www.spyzone.com , the buyer confirms and agrees that he / she has read all of the policies on this page, and understands its contents, and agrees to all that is stated. The buyer also agrees that under no circumstances will the buyer or user HOLD us and / or http://www.spyzone.com or any other concerned affiliate, agent, or associate liable for loss, damages, or injuries including any circumstances arising out of the use, misuse, or malfunction of these products they represent.

As with all online transactions and shopping , nothing is forced, and you are free to shop elsewhere should you disagree with our policies in anyway whatsoever. If you feel that we and http://www.spyzone.com is not abiding by the policies on this page, then we encourage you to promptly Contact US.

Illustration Disclaimer

The images, pictures, and illustrations found on this site http://www.spyzone.com are for illustration purposes only, and do not necessarily represent the exact products, services, or ideas in the context they are found in. It is the buyerís responsibility prior to purchase to clarify with the seller, Star Noise Inc., exactly what products and services are being provided for to purchase.

Legal Information & criteria for procuring certain products in the United States:

We do not offer for sale or ship to anyone in the United States any audio surveillance products or systems that are designed, built, or used for the purpose of interception of oral or wire communications or conversations (hereby referred to as restricted audio surveillance) unless the destination is a political sub-division of the United States specifically identified as a US Law Enforcement Agency, the US Military Police and their respective and duly authorized Investigations Units, or a US State or Federal Agency that conforms to US Code Title 18, Section 2512. That means if you are not with a US Government entity authorized to procure restricted audio surveillance products and or systems for US Federal or State Government use, then you are not allowed to order products from our site http://www.spyzone.com and they will not be shipped to you.

If you do make an attempt to place an order of restricted audio surveillance from our site http://www.spyzone.com , or if you place an order and intend to use restricted audio surveillance in America or under American sovereignty and you are not with a US Federal or State Government agency or aforementioned entity of the US government or US Military, then your order or attempted order to receive restricted audio surveillance products will be denied and any shipment that you have paid for will not be shipped. US code Title 18 Section 2512 strictly prohibits purchase, possession, and unauthorized use of the aforementioned restricted audio surveillance products and / or systems, and any information found on our websites do not constitute an offer to sell to anyone in or for the United States unless they meet the above criteria.

Please note we do not offer any type of RF Jamming Devices on our site. Our site does inform the readers of the abilities of RF Jamming technologies from England designed by Homeland Security Strategies GB Ltd for authorized users in Law Enforcement and Government Agencies only.

If you plan to export out of the United States any products or technologies found on this site, http://www.spyzone.com , you must first consult your local legal council to determine if there are any rules, regulations, or restrictions involved.

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