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GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking Systems and Installation

GPS Tracking Systems work best when they are able to 'see the sky'. What does that mean? The mapping signals originating from the satellites that orbit the planet are able to be received by our GPS Tracking Systems when there are no obstacles inbetween our devices and the sky.

Now if it were as simple as putting our tracking systems on the roof of a car or truck, then that would be where we intended them to be placed. But for discrete GPS tracking purposes, the next best place to put a GPS tracker is behind plastic or glass. An image such as the one below shows a vehicle's plastic bumper. Plastic does not inhibit the GPS tracking signal like a metal trunk would, for example.

Metal makes it very hard for the signal to be received by the GPS tracking device. So the question many of our clients ask is: How do I put the tracking device under my bumper?

The answer is to get down on the ground, and look at the underside of your vehicle's bumper. Once you put your hand under the bumper, you will be able to see and feel what type of room is available for GPS Tracking Systems.

Every car is different. However, the premise that one needs access to the inside of a car or truck in order to place a GPS Tracking System is incorrect. There is always room for a tracker to be placed outside of the vehicle.

Are there any problems with GPS Tracking Systems other then signal issues? Well if you put a GPS Tracking System in a bumper and it falls out, that could be a really big problem.

Some creativity may be required to insure that your tracker does not fall out if the vehicle hits a bump or pot hole. . . just as long as the tracking device is not clamped into place with some type of metal plate, as metal diminishes the GPS tracking signal.

(click here on this image to see our Tactical GPS Tracking Systems)

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