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Contraband Detectors

Contraband Detectors: Contraband Detection, Body Scanning Systems, & Dirty Bombs

Contraband Detectors help discover smuggled or banned items, be they weapons, drugs, or controlled substances on people. Technologies range from Body Scanning Systems using MM Wave imaging or millimeter wave imaging are put into field operations to scan people for illegal possession of weapons, drugs, dirty bombs, explosive belts, suicide vests, etc.

Radioactive dirty bombs or dirty bomb components may be discovered using contraband detection equipment such as contraband detectors with mm Wave imaging as well as Single Sided X Ray systems that can literally see into walls or hollowed out surfaces.  Suicide vest or explosive belt components may be detected and identified when a Contraband Detector or radioactive dirty bomb detector gives off an alarm after conducting a scan and discovers contraband.

For more on our Contraband Detectors, Dirty Bomb Detectors, Sensors that can view an explosive belt or a suicide vest being smuggled,

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