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Bomb Detectors & EOD Solutions

Bomb Detection & EOD Solutions:
Bomb Detectors, IED Jammer technology, and
mm Wave sensor technology

EOD solutions include bomb detection using bomb detectors and dirty bomb detectors, contraband detection, ied jammer technology to jam roadside bombs or RCIEDs, and portable mm Wave sensor technology for mobile explosive detection with explosive detectors for search and inspection operations.

Our solutions can sniff out explosives, detect weapons, jam remote controlled explosive detonators, find contraband on people, inside the human body, in airport luggage, through walls, and within vehicles. The detection, test equipment, and ied jammers are efficient and portable, enabling the user to gain quick results, whether used in a fixed location, or out in the field.

For more on our Bomb Detectors and EOD Solutions, CLICK HERE to visit the HSS Development site.

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