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Armored Cars, Armored Vehicles

Armored Cars, Armored Vehicles, and RF Jammers: Their contribution to Armor and Personal Security

Armored Cars, Armored Vehicles, and Armoring Kits represent the forefront in Personal Security and safety for people on the move in unfriendly territories.

With experienced Mechanical Engineers, Armored Vehicles and Armored Cars can be outfitted with Bomb Jammer technologies. These RF Jammers are defensive, enabling VIP and Law Enforcement to be able to survive both IED and RCIED attacks. Bullet resistant cars or bullet proof cars represent the primary facet of personal protection.  Secondary protection involves defeating roadside bombs triggered by remote control.

Presenting: Armored Vehicles, Armored Cars, and RF Jammers that can withstand terror attacks

Armored Vehicles are used for defense against handguns, low and high caliber rifle fire, and equipped with RF Jammers, Armored Vehicles can manage threats from remotely detonated Improvised Explosive Devices or IED weapons.

When people find themselves at the wrong place, at the wrong time, in unsafe environments or situations, it helps to be prepared for the worst.

To learn more about Armor and Personal Security Solutions, review the Armored Vehicle Jamming System at www.bombjammer.com or Click Here.

Click Here to learn about the security options for Armored Cars and Armored Vehicles.

Armor & Personal Security:  A multi-faceted solution to combating ambush by gunfire and roadside bombs.

Armored Vehicles & Personal Security RF Jammers save lives . . . in hostile environments, an armored vehicle may mean the difference between who survives a terrorist attack and who does not. Especially when the attackers come at you with guns firing, or when they attack with road side bombs activated by radio control.

RF Jammer technology built into Armored Vehicles increase the chance of survival during an attack by IEDs, road side bombs, mines, and gunfire.

An RF Jammer and an Armored Car or Armored Vehicle can give you the ability to withstand most deadly encounters with terrorists, insurgents, and criminals. Our solutions range from vehicle armoring, radio jamming ied jammers, and a slew of options that give you the edge when dealing with difficult and dangerous confrontations. 

In addition to having us do the installation work in your car or vehicle, we can also provide armored cars and armored vehicles that are ready to order. These range from new armored cars in new condition to field experienced armored vehicles in good condition.

Optional security and personal safety preparations also include our Armoring Kits that you or your mechanics can install, vehicle air filtration systems to counter poison gas and smoke attacks, and kidnap recovery systems in the event a hostage or kidnap crises arises.

  • Our Armored Vehicle Solutions are designed to withstand IED attacks, gunfire, and ambushes involving radio controlled IED weapons
  • Our anti-terrorist systems including IED Jammer and RF Jammer technology are integrated with Armored Vehicles, elevating the safety level for those traveling through dangerous territories
  • Our Armored Vehicles equipped with Poison Gas Air Filtration can give safe air for passengers to breath
  • Our Kidnap Recovery systems are designed to help secure people and assets from kidnapping and theft

Click Here to learn more about the Armored Vehicle Jamming System.

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