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Voice Loggers

Voice Loggers are powerful call monitoring loggers used by call centers, emergency services, and law enforcement to monitor and store both sides of a phone call, phone numbers, time, date, and other data. Digital Voice loggers were originally devised for Law Enforcement surveillance and Government Agencies only, but now Voice logger architecture serves civil and financial sectors too.

Voice Loggers satisfy voice logging and phone logging needs for small organizations who are required to keep track of all calls. Voice loggers can be on or off site, with remote monitoring and conversation capture features active. Voice loggers help with organizing and consolidating all communication storage in a single location through its voice logging and management features.

Conversation storage is able to be bookmarked in order to locate archived events in a quick and easy manner.

Voice Loggers have security features so that an administrator can manage all data, be it private or confidential phone conversation logs. These may consist of sensitive conversations for national intelligence agencies, police, fire, rescue, emergency responders, banks, financial institutions, and other business sectors.

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