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Encryption & Voice Privacy

Encryption & Voice Privacy: Phone security

Phone Encryption and cell phone encryption keeps your phone calls private, in the event that someone is trying to listen to them. Satellite encryption for satellite phone security is also a solution to concerns that private conversations can be picked out of the air through the use of listening devices and monitoring systems. Computer monitoring is also a growing concern when people give their private details as well as financial details over the internet.

With so much business and private information being transacted over the phone, cell phone or by computer, today's sensitive corporate environments demand constant supervision to maintain confidentiality and corporate security.

Our commitment to offer effective encryption and security tools is derived from the overall philosophy that corporate confidentially isn't a luxury, it is a necessity.

For more information, click on this PDF link for Mobile Phone Encryption and Voice Privacy.

You may also click on this PDF link for Voice and Data line Privacy.


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