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Defeat & Jamming Systems

Defeat & Jamming Systems:
RF Jamming Systems and
Defeat systems for
Electronic Privacy & Safety

Portable RF Jamming using RF Jammers is based on distribution of radio energy to hinder radio telemetry operation and functionality. RF Jammers, therefore, are the method of delivery for safety from unfriendly radio communications from Cellular Phone calls with tactical content over the air to road side bombs awaiting detonation trigger signals via RF airwaves.

Electronic privacy, the alternate side of Defeat and Jamming Systems, focus on the securing of confidential conversations from listening devices and monitoring technologies used to collect information over the air, to phone wiretap equipment defeat systems to secure phone conversations and prevent them from becoming compromised.

Anti-Recording Systems and Anti-Eavesdropping Systems are forms of Defeat Systems and are congruent in some respects to cellular jammers and communication jammers. All of them may be designed to safeguard information.

Other examples of Defeat Systems are not necessarily RF Jammers, but disseminate electromagnetic energy in a similar fashion, such as the case for Laser Listening Defeat Systems used to defeat Audio Laser Listening Systems.

Some management systems in force protection bases and intelligence operation centers integrate communication monitoring technology with Defeat and Spot Jammers or Spot Jamming Systems. This coordinates which communications are permitted, and which are classified for most restricted broadcasting tends to be subject to RF Jamming.

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