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Covert Video Surveillance

Covert Video Surveillance

Covert Video Surveillance

Covert Video surveillance employs covert cameras or hidden cameras to watch people or places for inappropriate behavior without letting others know there is a surveillance camera in operation.

Covert Video cameras are the up and coming medium to insure peace of mind when video security is needed. Covert cameras and hidden cameras can either show what is happening during their operation, or feed their covert video signals to digital video recorders and store the images they capture for future review.


Below are different Covert Video Surveillance cameras which come in several different arrangements.


  • Some come in Color formats as opposed to Black and White formats.
  • Some come in Hard Wired formats, meaning that in order for you to view or store the video surveillance, you must connect the camera directly to a video monitor or video recorder
  • Some come in Wireless Video formats, meaning the video surveillance your system captures can be sent over the air to a video receiver. This receiver is not physically connected to the camera, but receives the cameras video information and can display it on a video monitor or feed it to a video recorder.
  • Some come in High Powered Wireless Video formats, offering your system the ability to capture video surveillance and send it to a video receiver much further away, thanks to the additional High Power management when broadcasting the video signal.

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